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HairHits Professional Hair Care Products

Turn Up the Shine

Engineered to treat stressed and damaged locks, Hair Hits hair care products restore the health and vitality of your hair with nourishing hydration and an infusion of vitamins. Unlock the natural beauty of your hair by spoiling it with the nourishment it craves. Hair Hits promises to transform your hair. Shop now.

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Our Signature Hair Care Products

Using our patented blend of high-quality ingredients, our flagship product, Hair Stress, is the leave-in treatment trusted by industry professionals across the nation. Protecting every strand against damage and breakage, Hair Stress strengthens as it beautifies. Use in conjunction with our other professional-grade products to give your clients the hair they’ve always dreamed of.

Hair Hits Hair Stress Leave In Treatment

Silk Amino Acids repair damaged, weak, and dry hair to transform your locks into silky soft strands. This product locks in moisture reduces breakage. Simply spray it, on leave it in, and watch your hair shine!

Hair stress


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